If you are in doubt as to whether you need a building permit or not, call Kate Peterson / City Hall at 548-3859 or Karen Hanson / Zoning Enforcement Officer at 548-3455.

A rule of thumb is this - if you are structurally changing the material or shape of your project it probably requires a building permit. Pay close attention to distance to lot line requirements, and laws regarding moving in or constructing additional buildings. This includes utility sheds.

Contact City Hall for a building permit application or select the link below to print a form. Return the completed application to City Hall for review by the Planning and Zoning Enforcement Officer. It is meets all zoning laws it will be approved by the Enforcement Officer asap and you will be requested to remit payment to the City of Callender in the amount of $10. The permit will be on the next Council Meeting Agenda for Mayor Signature and recording then a copy will be mailed to you.

The City of Callender is a zoned community and a building permit is required for construction - remodeling, additions, and repairs (including fences).

If not paid prior to start of construction, the permit fee is $20 and there could be legal consequences for non-compliance if applicable.

If the building permit does not meet zoning ordinances, P&Z will meet and a determination will be made if the Board of Adjustment meeting is applicable. Then you will be provided a form to request a variance. In order to request a variance with the Board of Adjustment a criteria must be met. Contact City Hall or the Zoning Enforcement Officer for more information.

Building Permits expire 1 year after approval date.

Be sure to call IOWA ONE CALL before you dig at 1-800-292-8989.


Application for Building Permit
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