City of Callender
A Community for All Seasons


*= chairman

Water/Sewer/Storm Sewer
*Wanda Martens
Jeff Pommer

*Kim Jondle
Nick Martens

*Wanda Martens
Jeff Pommer

Law Enforcement
* Dave Lee
Nick Martens

City Employees
*Kim Jondle
Nick Martens

Buildings & Equipment
* Dave Lee
Kim Jondle

*Kim Jondle
Dave Mundt

Budget and Finance
All of City Council & City Clerk

Liaision with City Attorney - Dave Lee

Liaision with Library - Wanda Martens

Liaison with Fire / Cemetery / Ambulance  - Randy Hanson

Library Board
Matt Johnson 6/30/20 SECRETARY

Ardis Shirbroun 6/30/16

Jim Hanson 6/30/16

Alexandria Pommer  6/30/18

Marilyn Simsonson  6/30/18

Board of Adjustment
Jim Hanson 12/31/18
Adam Larson 12/31/20
DyAnn Fiala 12/31/19
Gail McLoud 12/31/16
Dave Corell 12/31/17

Planning and Zoning
*Karen Hanson 12/31/17
Linda George 12/31/20
Nick Martins 12/31/16
Jon Rollefson 12/31/18
Mary Schuster 12/31/19

Comprehensive Plan
All Board of Adjustment members, All Planning and Zoning Members, All Council. & Linda George.

Housing Committee

Randy Hanson
Megan Kruse
Parker Kruse
Gail McLoud
Dave McLoud.  
Shirley Helgevold - MIDAS


The City of Callender provides water, sewer, storm sewer, electric & recycling/garbage services.

Utility Bills
You must fill out an application for utility service and pay a deposit before service is granted.  $100 electric, $100 water and $50 sewer = $250 deposit. Deposits stay with the life of the account. If you terminate service the deposit will be applied to your final bill and a refund check will be mailed for the balance (if applicable).

Meters are read approximately the last or the first week of the month.

Bills are mailed by the 15th of the month.

Bills are due by the 3rd day of the following month.

Avoid late payment penalties and pay by the 3rd of the month. $5 water, $5 sewer and 1.5% electric. If you do not pay by the 3rd of the month you will receive a 12 day disconnect notice to pay.  If you do not pay by the extended date, you will receive a 24 Hour Disconnect Notice on your door and another $20 penalty will post to your account.  You may request a hearing and/or request a pay agreement (if applicable).  There is a $25 turn off and $25 turn on fee.

You may mail your utility payments to City Hall or bring payments to city hall during regular office hours. If city hall is closed, you may drop your utility payment off at Heartland Bank (either inside or the bank's night deposit box on the side of the building). There is also a drop box on the door at Cit Hall. We are not responsible for cash payments left in the drop box.

Other charges:
$20 change in occupancy.

Each utility customer or (property owner if utilities are off) are responsible for paying a monthly Storm Sewer Charge. This rate is contingent upon ERU. Minimum charge is $16.00 a month.

Properties with water/sewer however water is off, are still responsible for paying a special sewer rate of $8.75 if sewer line is not capped.

All property owners with water service are responsible for a minimal landfill charge of $2.50 / full landfill and garbage rate is $12.00.

Attention Landlords:
Please contact City Hall with your contact information because as landlord we can copy you on your tenants delinquent utility bill notices & in the event of disconnect you are kept current on the status of your property.

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This information is subject to change per Resolutions and Code of Ordiance - Amendments.

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CLICK HERE for an Application for Utility Service Form.

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