City of Callender
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All Fire calls should be placed through the Webster County LEC by dialing 911

Fire Cheif
Kevin Kruse

Southwest Webster Ambulance
 The Callender Fire Department is run by Clay and Roland township and they support The City of Callender, parts of Clay, Roland, Elkhorn, and Fulton Townships.

Callender has 2 tanker trucks. One of the tankers is set up with an auxiliary pump to use on field/wild land fires. One pumper truck, one quick response attack unit/ems response truck and a 1929 Model A (the first truck the Department purchased to fight fires.

According to records the Fire Department was started in Callender in 1897 with 12 members total, currently the Department consists of 17 Volunteer members. The Department has Certified EMTs and First Responders that work with Southwest Webster Ambulance Service and Trinity Regional Medical Center for medical emergencies within our district. The members of the Department are continuously training to better serve the community and keep themselves and the local citizens as safe as we possibly can. With the aid of some recent federal grants in recent years, we now have some of the most up to date gear to keep us safe in any situation that may arise. Our members are actively seeking training to better ourselves and take classes and live burn simulations/hands on training when available. The Department has training/meetings on the second and last Wednesdays of each month. All members have pagers to receive emergency calls whether its a medical or fire call.

We serve the City of Callender and surrounding area which consists of sections of Clay, Roland, Elkhorn and Fulton Townships, and when needed we provide mutual aid with all the surrounding communities and they will come to any emergency calls that we may need there help with also.

The entire county has just setup an automatic Mutual Aid system setup so when any department is paged out for a structure fire there will be another department paged automatically to assist with the fire. This program is designed to provide faster response times with more manpower to help extinguish fires faster and possibly save lives. This is a program setup mainly due to the amount of members that work out of their fire districts and have a distance to travel to respond or even possibly having jobs they cannot leave during their working hours. The automatic mutual aid system seems to be working just as planned and has greatly reduced property damage and improved response times since being implemented.

Every year for Fire Prevention week the Members of the Department along with members of the Gowrie, Farnhamville and Moorland Fire Departments go to the Elementary school and have a fire drill to educate the students in fire prevention and teach them what to do in an emergency. The firemen start with the pre school students and go up to the 4th graders talking to the students about all aspects of the fire departments duties and what the students need to do to stay safe in a fire. Tours are given of the fire trucks and equipment and the students are allowed to handle some of the equipment to give them a feel for the job the firemen do to keep them safe. Also every other year the firemen bring in a “smoke trailer” which is a mobile fire simulator of a home which helps educate the students also with real life situations that many home may have.

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